What's in a GoodAir Can?

The air that comes to you in these cans is sourced from the high country of the South Island of New Zealand. You may read more below about how we select the sites and how carefully we manage and measure the quality process.

There is only fresh, clean, pure good air in one of our GoodAir Cans. No CFCs, no propellents, no toxins or impurities - just GoodAir captured by us.

We are fanatical about adhering to our strict quality standards throughout the whole process of capturing GoodAir, the process of canning the air and the delivery of our GoodAir to you.

We are always looking to innovate what we offer to you and will be introducing new products over time - watch this space!

We have established a labratory in Canterbury​ where we develop the testing and procedures for our air collection and packaging.  In the images below you can see we take great care to make sure that you only receive properly filtered air at the correct pressure and that the valve and delivery nozzle has been correctly calibrated to give you the right volume of air at the facemask without giving you a fright or blowing your glasses off! 

We have multiple filtering, the air is filtered at the collection location before being captured into the  transport containers. Once the air has arrived at our packaging facility, some of it is diverted into this labratory where we first determine the air-quality and take a permanent record of the collection location, the batch number of the canisters, the type of valves and any changes we have made in the procedure or the packaging.

As you can see we are not simply packaging air from anywhere and forcing it into any old canister.

Our valves are sourced from a company specialising in aerosol canister valve technology. Valves are made in a variety of shapes and sizes and the size of the hole in the centre of the valve determines how much air comes out each time you depress the button. We constantly research packaging and delivery solutions to make sure that we deliver the correct volume of air per breath, that it's at the right pressure and that we can estimate volume usage in each of our canister sizes so that we can help you get the best value and use out of each canister.

Our cans are recyclable and they are lined on the interior to the same standards that is required for food delivery in most global markets.  All of our equipment meets international food and hygiene standards, we do not compromise and regularly review our standards and procedures.

In these photos you can see one corner of the lab where we test the function of the various sized airflow valves. We carefully measure the amount of air that goes into each canister and carefully measure the amount of air that comes out per timed depression on the valve.

From this we can calculate how many breaths you will get from a can and how much air we should let out per breath to make the breathing process comfortable and with the least amount of waste air that is not being consumed.